Public Transportation

Sacramento Regional Transit’s role is to provide safe, reliable, and fiscally responsible transit service that links people to resources and opportunities.

They are committed to preparing for the expected increase in ridership to Golden 1 Center for events. Some of the steps they have taken to improve the trip for everyone include:

  • Complete renovation to the flagship light rail station for service to Golden 1 Center at 7th & Capitol
  • Installation of two shelters with new furniture, improved lighting and additional signage
  • New shelters, lighting and signage at the 8th & K Station
  • The St. Rose of Lima Park Station at 9th & K Streets features new lighting and signage
  • Five key Park-and-Ride stations have been improved: Florin, Franklin, Roseville Road, Sunrise and Watt/Manlove

Lighting has been upgraded, additional security cameras installed, wayfinding improved, and the stations’ appearance renovated.

Capitol Corridor (Amtrak) will be providing additional late night trains to patrons attending events at Golden 1 Center, in addition to regularly scheduled departures and arrivals. Discounts are also being provided to families, large groups, veterans, seniors, and children.

Yolobus provides convenient Y Shuttle Service during major G1C events from Davis, Woodland and West Sacramento.

Riding Your Bicycle

Riding your bicycle is common, especially in Midtown/Downtown Sacramento. Sacramento now hosts:

  • Brew Bikes
  • Bike valets which will be available for some downtown events
  • Suzie Burger-sponsored Second Saturday Midtown Cruises
  • An increased number of bike racks
  • Sacramento TMA hosts a bike commuting skills class

The City of Sacramento is committed to being bicycle-friendly. The City has a master plan specific to bikes, and programs to protect and encourage bicycling.

Both free and low-cost bike parking options are available for bicyclists who work, visit or live downtown through the City. Bicycle racks are located throughout the city and are free to use. Bicycle lockers and bicycle enclosure spaces are also available in select City garages at low, monthly rates.

In addition, local businesses may qualify for a free bicycle rack installation to provide bicycle parking for customers. Don’t be left behind. Be part of it -- ride your bike to Golden 1 Center events.

Preferred low-stress bike routes are recommended if cyclists are attending large events at Golden 1 Center.

Drop-off locations at Golden 1 Center

There are many ride hailing/sharing options these days with Lyft, Uber, taxis and limos, with multiple drop-off locations adjacent to Golden 1 Center. You can also have a friend or family member drop you off at your destination.

Three special event loading zones will be provided at following locations in the vicinity of Golden 1 Center:

  • J Street between 3rd Street and 5th Street (north curbside)
  • I Street between 7th Street and 8th Street (north curbside)
  • 4th Street between L Street and Capitol Mall (entire roadway segment)

ADA accessible drop-offs also have a designated place. Download a list of ADA accessible drop-off locations and paths.

Accessibility Info

The City is committed to providing differently-abled patrons with access alternatives for safety and convenience. A multitude of accessible options are available for those taking different methods of travel to, and around, Golden 1 Center.

For Accessibility questions or concerns, please contact:

Neal Albritton, City of Sacramento, Accessibility Coordinator, (916) 808-8795

Ray Daryabigi, Golden 1 Center, Director of Guest Experience, (916) 928-3688

Reserve your parking with SacPark

Find the best event parking in Sacramento by booking a guaranteed spot in advance with SacPark.

Whether it's an event at Golden 1 Center, Memorial Auditorium or the Sacramento Convention Center, you will have the ability to reserve your spot ahead of time at any City-owned garage or Certified Partner parking facility.

Reservations will be available for customers attending events after 5 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends.

For events with 10,000+ attendees, see maps of pre-event and post-event street closures. These routes are subject to change in the future.

Special event metered rates, at meters within three blocks of Golden 1 Center, are triggered by events with more than 15,000 in attendance expected. Event parking information, including reservations and special event meter rates, is available at under Event Parking.

Pedestrian Entrances and Exits at Golden 1 Center

The area surrounding Golden 1 Center will experience high pedestrian volumes before and after events as attendees walk between Golden 1 Center and nearby residences, employment and restaurant locations, transit stations, and parking garages.

Golden 1 Center has multiple entry/exits and pedestrians routes to ensure foot traffic flows smoothly.